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Introductory dive

Now, your chance of breath under water with amusement comes. This session takes place in the sea in the shallow water to maximum 6 metres.
You'll find joy and delight of a fabulous abandoned world of fishes and marine life.

Introductory dive

For whom?

The introductory dive is a very easy-to-master and fun session well designed for the beginners with no or few diving experience. One instructor will guide you to dive to maximum 6 meters. Even if you don’t swim well, you could dive.

Minimum age for this dive is 8 years old.


After the dive, you’ll receive an introductory dive certificate. This certificate serves not only as a memory but also as a proof. In France, if you want to go on following dive training course, an initial experience is obligated.

Introductory dive


This session takes about 2 hours. We’ll start with an introduction of the equipment, the way we dive, the marine life and some tips to answer all your questions.
Then, you’ll be fully equipped. The wetsuit keeps your body warm and protects your skin. The regulator enables you to breath very easily from the tank full of compressed air. The fins help to reduce your effort when swimming around. By starting from shallow water, the experience is even better. Surronded by peaceful fishes, you could be more relaxed. When you get used to it, you can progressively discover the incomparable pleasure till maximum 6 metres.

4 programmes are available for you to choose:

Too much to absorb for the first time? Don’t worry. Underwater, your private instructor will accompany you and help you to get the most of your first experience. Just open your eyes and enjoy. By the way, don’t forget to breath though this is truly a breath-taking experience!

Introductory dive


This session is organized at the dive sites adapted to beginners, usually in the protected water area of Graillon. Rated as one of the 100 most beautiful dive sites in the Côte d’Azur region, this site next to the coast is carefully chosen by us to provide you an easy entrance into the crystal clear water. Schools of fishes swim around freely in the peaceful water. It’s absolutely a little surprise that nature reserves.


This session is organized twice a day at 10am and 15:30pm. Appointment is highly appreciated by phone, by email or why not by a visit to our dive centre.


Price starts from 60€ (all inclusive)
Consult our prices here!

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Next step

Enjoyed your introductory dive? You could always come back to repeat this session and to enjoy many dive sites for beginners. Or if you want to learn more and progress, let us help you to start your PADI or French school training course now!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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